Types Of Slot Machine

Types of Slot Machine


A slot machine is a coin operated special gambling tool that generates a series of random patterns of various symbols leading to either loss of the gambled cash or an amazing pay off. This definition would previously be undisputed, but the emergence of the online casino slot machines has given it a whole new meaning. The use of a manual lever to start the game and insertion of actual coins has been replaced with a simple push of a button or clicking on a command tab and the use of online money transfer in online casinos hence terming slot machines as a gambling platform that facilitates various forms of betting could still be right.

What Are the Various Types of Slot Machines?

You need to understand all the types of slot machines at casino for a successful gambling experience. The concept behind these machines is the same in both the land casinos and the online casinos. The casino environment can be quite intriguing because of the numerous machines available with their captivating themes and graphics. Hence, it is important to understand the dynamics of each one so as to predict your chances of winning when playing on each one of them. These are the types that you will encounter in your gambling experience:

1.      The Classic Slots

These are the three reeled machines which are among the earliest to come into existence. They were introduced back in the late 19th Century, but they still remain popular among gamblers worldwide. These machines are quite simple although this simplicity is offered at the expense of big payouts. You will not win big, but you will definitely enjoy the game play. The three reels contain 10-32 symbols in the physical casinos although the online machines have more. This is because online casinos are based on programming and do not have restrictions such as limited space.


Is the difference in the number of symbols significant? Absolutely, the number of symbols in every reel influences the payouts and the odds. The reels are spun by pressing the button on the side of the slot or pulling the lever in the older versions. This lever is the reason why these machines are commonly referred to as the one-man bandit. You win when three similar symbols appear in line on the reels. The classic slot machine is the prototype that led to the development of all the others. Its popularity is, however, deteriorating due to the emergence of the five reeled machine.


2.      The Five Reels Slot Machine

This type has become more popular because they arouse more excitement and offer a wider variety of betting options. They contain the features of the classic slots and utilize the same foundation principles, but they have more reels hence making them more challenging. As a result, they have bigger payouts which attract most punters. If you are looking for excitement and a chance to win big, then the five reeled slot machine is the option to consider. As if this is not enough, there is even the seven reeled slot which offers an even bigger payout.

3.      The Multiple Bet-lines Slots

The traditional classic slot contains 1 pay-line but this has been faced out owing to the introduction of the multiple pay-lines slot machines. Modern slot machines uk commonly contain five reels and up to 20 bet lines. You can activate one line which is normally the middle line or activate up to 20 of them thereby increasing your probabilities of winning. The winning combination is a pattern that contains two or three symbols on a number of lines.

Activating more pay-lines greatly increases your chances of making big wins. Moreover, the more the credits wagered per line can significantly increase your odds leading to higher payouts. These multiple pay-lines need more attention and concentration from the players because the complexity of the visuals and the patterns can be confusing. Amazingly, this is a positive effect since this attention leads to better decision making and increased chances of winning.

4.      Video Slot Machines

The video slot machines were invented in the 1970s to replace the electronics which was based on dimensions and mechanics which could be faulty. The video slot has digitalized reels on a screen which are spun by the push of a button. They have spectacular graphics, amazing bet options and line counts which are incomparable to the traditional slot machines. Moreover, they led to the introduction of bonus features such as free spins and bonus rounds which lead to bigger wins. These video games can often be enhanced making them more fantastic. They also catalyzed the development of progressive slots.


5.      Progressive Slot Machines

These kind of entertainment came in quick succession with the video slots. The concept behind it is that the jackpot continues to grow as more people gamble until someone finally walks away with the whole amount. Initially, this was a one machine affair where the jackpot would increase as more gamblers played a particular game, but it was discovered that the slots could be linked to form a common pool of funds leading to bigger jackpots.

People have won multi-million dollar jackpots due to this amazing revolution. Both land and online casinos could be linked across a certain radius leading to outstanding amounts of cash. This is definitely the highest rewarding game.

6.      The 3 Dimensional Slot Machines

Did you think that this only possible in the movies? The slot developers revolutionized the betting world by creating 3-D narratives, characters and symbols which are simply amazing. This has led to animated symbols which are perfectly mobile and can move around and make various expressions depending on the game. Also, there has been a great enhancement in the themes and graphics hence the games are able to portray various environments and elicit superb feelings within the players.

This development has led to increased competition among developers, therefore, leading to the generation of bigger and better games. The pokies can be based on various TV shows and historical objects such as the pyramids of Egypt making them more intriguing.

The Online Slot Machines

Most of these machines are compatible with the online versions. The online casinos have made betting easy and convenient because you can enjoy the game at the comfort of your house. Online slot machines are practically similar to the physical slot machines hence all of the various types can be played on both platforms. The levers or buttons have been replaced with command tabs on the screen, and you can deposit and withdraw money instantly through your mobile wallets and credit cards.


The game play is perfectly simple and could even be easier than the physical casinos. There are up and down arrows on the screen that allow you to increase or decrease the bet lines and the stake. Moreover, the online casinos have an amazing Auto Play feature which spins severally uninterrupted leading to greater wins. Basically, there is nothing you will miss when you play online games apart from the hustles and bustles of a land casino. Perhaps you may be wondering, why play online?

  • ·         Maximum comfort
  • ·         Higher odds due to less operational costs by the casinos
  • ·         Lower additional costs such as transport, food, and drinks
  • ·         Highly secure
  • ·         Superbly convenient hence making gambling an ideal pass time activity.
  • ·         Spectacular themes and graphics due to frequent improvements.
  • ·         Free money versions are available to enable you to gain familiarity of the game before playing with real money.


In addition, these games have mobile versions which enable you to play directly from your smartphone. You can play slots no download directly through your browser or download the online casino apps which are normally free or reasonably affordable. Most of these online games apps are available for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows hence you will not have compatibility issues. The applications are more preferred because they are faster and are not affected by fluxes in Internet connectivity.


These are the types of pokies you will find at any land or online casino. They can suit your betting needs whether you are a high roller or a penny player. Gambling is not only played to make money but also to have fun and pass time. These slot machines uk are ideal for people playing for both purposes. The traditional players who may prefer the classic games will always find them available in most casinos and the modern, and aggressive players willing to reap big jackpots have the more complex slots to suit their desires.


However, you must enjoy gambling responsibly. Do not lower your family to bankruptcy due to your betting desires. Utilize only the extra cash you have at your disposal and do not make the casinos richer at the expense of your own finances. Gambling arouses dangerous passions which can be misleading. Moreover, the minors should wait until they attain the legal age of betting in their jurisdictions. That aside, sample all these slot machines and enjoy an exciting gambling experience. You never know; you may just get a new personal best choice.